The Bigger Issue is Sometimes Us

One of my articles was just published in Seven on homelessness and some of the people who break through the stereotypes.

Big Issue seller Ralph Millward was beaten to death by three teenagers last month, but an overwhelmingly compassionate reaction from the local Bournemouth community exemplifies the wide spectrum of attitudes toward the homeless. At Ralph’s funeral, a friend said: “We’re all the same. Understand us; we’re just people.” 

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One comment on “The Bigger Issue is Sometimes Us

  1. Wow. What a powerful article. You are an excellent writer on top of being a fabulous photographer!

    I really respect that you sat down and shared a cup of coffee and a conversation with a homeless person like that. I’ve not ever done anything like that. Kudos.

    What is Seven then? I mean, I went to their website and looked but was wondering if you could sum it up in a nutshell? Like, can anyone contribute if they write a good enough article?

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