Thank You, Driver

On the way to our new house in Ealing this morning, I noticed that the 226 bus seems a lot friendlier than the central London busses – probably both because of the time of day and that it was heading out of the busy part of the city.

There was a very cute old couple, him with two hearing aids and a typical old-man hat; her with thick glasses and a printed scarf covering grey hair. They sat next to one another at the front, both shuffling feet slowly, walking with canes. They didn’t speak, but they must have been together for so many years that they didn’t need to.

When they (very slowly) got off the bus, she stopped, turned and smiled, saying “Thank you, driver.” When they stepped down onto the pavement, he turned back, tipped his hat and said, “Thank you very much.” They both waved.

One comment on “Thank You, Driver

  1. This is nice. I guess you don’t get that much in Central London nowadays, do you? Tried smiling to the bus driver this morning but he wasn’t looking at my direction. Guess he doesn’t get people looking at him anyway.

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