A Wander Through Brompton Cemetery

Cemeteries have always attracted me – for the juxtaposition of life and death, the peace, history, reflection. One of my favourite is Brompton Cemetery in the south west side of London near Earl’s Court. People use it for jogging, reading on the benches, an afternoon nap. It’s a cemetery full of wildlife and human life that plays among the gravestones – an atmosphere that seems to tone down its inherent sadness while not losing respect.








3 comments on “A Wander Through Brompton Cemetery

  1. That’s a very interesting place! I love the photographs – the beautiful flowers, and the elegant, yet imposing and almost sinister walls. Delightfully Dickensian.

  2. What an excellent post! I love that your cemetary post concentrated on more than just rows of tomb stones (which I would do).

    Is that thr wall of rememberance, where people put plaques for cremations?

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