Who Cares?

Today, I walked through Portobello Market.

A man was standing silently, completely still, in the middle of the road, the crowds splitting around him like oil and water. Over his back and chest, he wore a sign with graphic pictures of animal abuse and in big letters, it said, “Who cares?”

As I was walking past, an American woman turned back at him and smiled.

She said, “I care.”

3 comments on “Who Cares?

  1. Dear Stephanie,
    I am the man who wears the posters.I came across your lovely remarks by accident when I was using Google to find something else.I thought you would find this letter I sent to PETA interesting;

    As well as producing leaflets have you considered producing placards and encouraging people to wear them in fairly busy shopping areas?Only 1 in 100 passers by may take a leaflet,but nearly everyone who passes a placard will see it.I’ve been wearing the ones shown on the enclosed attachments most Saturdays for the last 2 years in Portobello Road,London;I have calculated that more that a million people have seen them in that time.They are of course becoming increasingly out of date,but CIWF seem very reluctant to produce cruelty exposing posters at the present time,and when I contacted Animal Aid about this they did not seem to want to either.

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