Tube Tales for a Thursday

The dynamics of a tube ride always amuse me. Here’s some random observations (I live and work on the Central Line at the moment, so they are mostly there.):

Sunday afternoon, Northern Line: An exceptionally tall couple cosy up with Dogalogue, a catalogue of dog holiday cards, gift wrap, clothing and games that benefit guide dogs.

Sunday evening, Central Line: A small child leaps into his mother’s lap, throwing his skinny arms around his neck. He says, “Mummy, I love you!”

Tuesday morning, Central Line: It’s always interesting to see so many people sitting so close together but going completely different places, leading completely different lives and getting lost in their own little worlds on the tube. There are people reading books of all genres, magazines in dfferent languages, knitting scarves, playing sudoku, digging through handbags, putting on makeup and listening to iPods.

Wednesday morning, Central Line: A bag covers a piece of gum stuck to the seat across from me. A woman comes by, bends down to lift the bag, puts it back down and walks on. This occurs over and over until the seats are full except that one and the people around me chuckle quietly to themselves each time. Finally, a girl lifts the bag and seeing that there are no more seats, puts it back down and sits on it.

Thursday morning, Central Line: A woman precariously balances her handbag, an apple, a coffee and a make-up case on her lap while tring not to poke out the eye of the man next to her with her elbow while she applies her mascara and people pile in to stand around her. I was waiting for disaster, but alas, she is a pro.

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