Morris Dancers in Hampstead

Sunday, I was sipping a cup of tea outside a cafe on Flask Walk in Hampstead with a friend. In the middle of a sentence, he stopped as a parade of gentlemen came marching into the alley with sticks and an accordian and bells tied around their knees. They were Morris Dancers, come to entertain whoever would gather to watch, and they attracted quite a crowd. It was nice to see so much energy and enthusiasm. This city is so random and full of surprises and entertainment.  

“This is why you will never leave London,” D said to me when we finally walked away, still laughing at the absurdity of it all.
“Exactly,” I said. “Exactly why I will never leave London.”




Panic on the Streets of London

Bono’s quote that that we should not become a monster in order to defeat a monster is the first thing that came to mind when I grabbed my copy of the Metro this morning. The front page headline is: “Armed police to patrol on streets”.

I’ve always been anti-gun, anti-violence, anti-war, anti-anything along those lines. To bring more guns into the streets to combat the gun and knife and gang crime is only going to encourage those groups to bring in more of their own weapons. This is a bad idea. It sounds like a panic reaction rather than a tactical one to this year’s 17% increase in gun crime.

According to the Independent, the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) were not consulted. Joanne McCartney, a member of the MPA, was quoted in the article: “We want fewer guns on the streets not more, and people to feel safe in their community – not scared of those who are supposed to protect them.”