London Links: Spotted by Locals

Spotted by Locals gives a unique perspective on a city that sometimes seems as if it’s been made for tourists. Posts are written by five 20-30 somethings who live in London and explore the bits that are off the beaten path as well as a few of those respected by locals and tourists alike.

Though it’s not updated as often as some London blogs, they’ve built up a nice collection of reviews and recommendations for sipping teahaving a drink, stopping for a bite, catching a gig, chilling out or checking out what’s on around town.  

Great place to discover something a bit different.

One comment on “London Links: Spotted by Locals

  1. Thank you Stephanie for reviewing us!

    It’s true our Spotters don’t write new articles every day like on some other blogs, but we’re a bit different… Our Spotters update published articles often, so visitors can be sure all spots are always up-to-date and up-to season.


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