London Art Spot: Lara Jade


Meet Lara Jade Coton, stunning and talented entrepreneur who set up her own photography business before she could legally buy a drink. Now 20, her fashion, beauty and portrait photography has been featured in Photography Monthly, Digital SLR Magazine, Aesthetica and other publications. As a freelance photographer, she counts BBC Audiobooks, Headline Publishing and Rock Love Jewellery among her clients as well as hip hop group Ill Defined and singer Laura Broad. Her work has been exhibited and sold in M1nt London and Cabinet des Curieux in Paris. She is currently represented by Sudest57 of Milan.

Lara answered a few questions and shared some of her work for the first of the London Art Spot posts. For much more, be sure to visit her website: You can also find her on Flickr.  

LLO: Tell us a bit about your style. What led you down the path of fashion and beauty photography?
 I’ve always found fashion inspiring. I started off shooting a lot of fantasy work and self-portraiture, then once I moved to London, I had access to all the inspiring contacts and it went from there. I love fashion magazines; they inspire me to shoot more creative fashion. There’s a lot of standard fashion shots and ‘safe’ shots nowadays and I like to go out of the box. I love pushing my ideas and creativity even further.

LLO: You started your own business – Lara Jade Photography – at the age of 17. What has been your most difficult challenge so far?
People taking me seriously! Starting a business at a young age means people find it hard to trust you – especially with bigger jobs. I still get that!

LLO: Where is your favourite place in London for a photo shoot?
 I tend to shoot a lot in the parks around London – Regents, Battersea, Waterlow and Hyde parks – a contrast to what people would usually think of when they think of London. I haven’t photographed any urban locations (yet!) – I love photographing in natural environments, and each park offers a different perspective.


LLO: How has living in London influenced your photography?
There are many contacts here. Fashion & beauty photography relies on contacts and a good creative team. You can get both of these in London. It’s where the ‘fashion’ is. I have found it’s easier to work with modelling agencies and creative agencies – making that step up in my work to a higher level. A good team means better photographs!

Thanks Lara!

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