Listen to a Londoner: Luke Smith

Listen to a Londoner. This is a weekly post where people who live (or have lived for a while) in London answer a few questions about the Big Smoke. If you fit the bill and want to be interviewed, give me a shout at Always looking for new victims volunteers….

Luke SmithLuke Smith, 24

Luke works for a living. Hopefully that will change when TV channels want to commission funny comedy instead of drivel.

LLO: Best thing about London?
There’s ALWAYS something to do and see.

LLO: Worst thing about London?
 It costs the earth to do anything.

LLO: North, south, east or west?
 North all the way

LLO: How do you spend your time on the tube?
 Reading books

LLO: Most random thing you’ve seen in London.
  A musical quartet, flute, cello, drums and violin playing in Camden. They are called Speakers Corner Quartet. They were moved on because they didn’t have a permit. 😦 

LLO: Best local band?

LLO: Favourite London discovery?
Hampstead is really nice and has a real character to it.

LLO: Favourite market?
Portobello Market

LLO: Give us a funny London story.
 I was on the way home from a date and people were much more chatty and relaxed. I didn’t fancy the girl and couldn’t think of a way to  let her down gently. I ended up discussing it with the people in the carriage. They said I should go to an art gallery, separate, and if we met up at the same exhibit it was meant to be (?) They’d learned this from Hitch and were quite serious about it. A very beautiful girl with an ugly boyfriend chimed in and said she’d like to go to a museum as a date. The conversation then turned to celebrities. I pointed out most celebrities were short. The two guys I was talking to didn’t believe me until I pointed out the men and women were often the same height. And the women were all obviously short. They were quite struck by this, it had never occured to them.   

LLO:What would you change about the city if you had the power to do so? 
I would get rid of all the bloody musicals and remakes and have london the place for challenging, interesting and stimulating new writing for the stage. They exist already, but I think more could be done.

 Thanks Luke!

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