Little London Lunch Break: Best Parks

Little London Lunch Break posts will appear every Wednesday around lunch time. I’ll ask a questions or start a discussion, give my answer and leave the comments open for the rest of you the same when you have a minute or two. If you would like to suggest a question, please email me at

Question: London is full of green places to escape the chaos of the city. Which park is your favourite and why?

My Answer:
It used to be Hyde Park for the weeping willows and because I lived nearby and loved to feed the ducks on the Serpentine. Blackheath is flat and empty and perfect for sunny summer days, kicking a football around and close by, Greenwich park has some great views of the city. The same can be said of Regent’s Park at the top of Primrose Hill and I do love the little bridge and the flowers around there.

But overall, I have to go with Hampstead Heath where you can completely escape people, the noise of traffic, buildings. There’s pretty trails and wildlife and it’s big enough you can get lost in the trees and open spaces. It feels slightly more private and poetic with the hills, ponds and woodlands. Hampstead Heath also has Parliament Hill and Kenwood House (which always reminds me of Notting Hill), not to mention a lot of cool pubs around the perimeter and the crepe place!

Back in 2007, about 10 months after I moved to London, I wrote a post in my old blog about a walk on the heath.

Photo of me taken on Hampstead Heath a few months ago, by Daniel higgott

And your favourite green London space?

2 comments on “Little London Lunch Break: Best Parks

  1. There is no shortage of nice parks in London, and they all have some merit.
    The closest park usually is best.
    But give me a garden beside a body of water anytime, by the river, or by the canal. One such gem is Rembrandt Park, west side of Warwick Park, Little Venice, between Paddington Basin and Maida Vale, a short walk west south west of Abbey Road Studios.
    Check it out.
    Feel free to check out my London Sherpa page at

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