Little London Lunch Break: Market Finds and Camden Life

Little London Lunch Break posts will appear every Wednesday around lunch time. I’ll ask a questions or start a discussion, give my answer and leave the comments open for the rest of you the same when you have a minute or two. If you would like to suggest a question, please email me at

Question: What are your favourite bits and pieces to pick up at London’s many markets?

My Answer: I can’t resist the racks of dresses, rows of shoes and tables of jewellery if I’m in Camden, Spitalfields or Portobello. Sometimes you find some good secondhand books as well. If it’s Borough, it’s got to be the cheese and olives. At any of them, mulled wine in the winter and freshly squeezed orange juice in the summer. In Spitalfields or Camden, always a stop at the food stalls for some lunch! Camden food goes cheap (about £2 for as much as you can fit in the silver tin) after about 6pm and Spitalfields has the best variety of choices from around the world in the Sunday UpMarket. 

Speaking of markets, I came across a photographer who loves to take his camera over to Camden and has been at it since 1966. Being a bit of a rebel himself, he enjoys the vibe around the market. Here are a few of his photos (the bottom ones from the ’70s!) that he posted to the Little London Observationist Flickr pool. His name is Graham and you should check out the cool collection on his Flickr page.

Fascinating to see how the Camden crowds have not changed too much in the past 40 years…


And your favourite market buys?

If you’ve got London photos to share, stick ’em here.

Cheers for the photos, Graham!

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