Spitalfields Life

Spitalfields is, without a doubt, one of my favourite parts of London. It’s a microcosm of cultural diversity, creative brilliance and strong community with a touch of down and dirty street life that casts an artistic, inspiring edginess on the area. It’s steeped in history of immigrants, trading life and religion that still lingers in a lot of the 18th century buildings dotted around the market. It’s vibrant. It’s fashionable. It’s home to Gilbert & George, Tracey Emin and Jeanette Winterson and the place where all of Jack the Ripper’s victims lived.

I was delighted to discover a blog called Spitalfields Life this week written by “the gentle author”. The author has made it a mission to write 10,000 posts on Spitalfields life, which is estimated to take approximately 27 years and four months. It’s a blog that digs deeply into the heart of the area, interviewing residents, artists, shop owners, probing for history, for answers, photographing the unknown areas and researching in every post. It is well worth following. 

Here are a few of my Spitalfields photos from last weekend:

Eleven and a Half, Fournier Street

Brick Lane

Elbow-Toe is based in NYC.


A different sort of street art…

Brick Lane is famous for its curry houses.

If you have any photos of Spitalfields to share, add them to the Flickr group!

3 comments on “Spitalfields Life

  1. It’s cool, I hope to browse through the Spitalfields Life. I like your resolve, keep it!!!! You are a single star in the large blue sky.

  2. The photographs are fine, cool and balance. The first one titled “Eleven and a Half, Fournier Street” has a dark-royal blue colour with a transparent illumination rising from the middle. The photographs look like a picture taken with photographic filters. The shadows are well set, reflective of a cool mood. It has the artistic hand of a fine photographer and a fine photo editor.

    The second photograph to capture, maintain and promote my attention is the “Mannequin.” It reminds me of the artistic effects of Michael Jackson’s thriller. When I combine the phylosophical and pyschological perspectives of these two photographs, the mood, effects, I perceive myself like someone living in their worlds, especially the first photograph.

    The “A Different Sort of Street art…” has the hands of an image editing software with left fading blur effects.

    In summary, I perceive you’ve been able to blend knowledge, talent, education, software, good camera, keen sense of detail, creative prowess and a cutting edge of bravery in doing what you believe in.

    Keep your flag flying!
    Keep the flame burning!
    If you need a match stick, I will give you a match box!

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