Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park

Sometimes I hop on a random bus to somewhere in London I haven’t yet explored. Last weekend, I headed toward East Dulwich and Brockley but got distracted by Greenwich Millennium Village. Thought I’d step off the bus and take a few colouful photos of the urban landscape that looked a bit like someone peeled the stickers off a rubix cube and stuck them at random on the housing estates.

Then I started to explore a bit and found the Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park, a quiet little slice of nature that runs along these buildings to the Thames Path. Canals, wildlife and pretty trees that will probably blossom nicely in a month or two. Naturally I took a few photos…

Address: The Ecology Park Gatehouse, Thames Path, John Harrison Way, Greenwich Peninsular, London, SE10 0QZ


2 comments on “Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park

  1. This is the most amazing post! I love those colourful little box houses and the contrast of the ecology park afterwards is lovely. A noble pursuit indeed – exploring where you haven’t explored before.

  2. Greenwich Millennium Village is genuinely good architecture and now looks mature and well established. It shows that regeneration can work well.

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