Leake Street Graffiti: Breakfast for Tiffany

Everyone seems to love the Leake Street graffiti archives I post once in a while, so I thought I’d dig out another one for you. If you’ve been through the  asphyxiating tunnel lately with its rattling shake of spraycans, you know it has completely changed since Cans Festival to become mainly a place for teenage tagging. All the more reason to appreciate what it was back then!

Here’s Breakfast for Tiffany by Eelus:

Eelus has a solo debut London show on now until March 6 at Blackall Studios. The show is called The Colour Out of Space and will be showing off some of his new works.

A bit about Eelus from his website: “In October 2006, I quit my day job and became a graphic artist full time, putting myself on a long road of experimentation, progression, hangovers and worrying about the rent. My goal is to push my limits, learn the skills of my trade and to hopefully continue to make a living from my art.”

Website: http://eelus.com/
Show: Blackall Studios
Dates: Now – March 6, 2010
Address: 73 Leonard Street, EC2A 4QS

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