LLO Turns One

Thames Dock

*Blows out candles*

Yup, a whole year has floated past that I started this blog. Plenty has changed in that time, but London still never fails to inspire me – or you, from what I’ve heard.

Thanks for all of  the positive comments so far, all of the photos you’ve added to the Flickr pool, to all of you who I have interviewed for the Listen to a Londoner and London Art Spot projects or who have written guest posts to me. And of course, everyone who has invited me to cool events or sent me free stuff over the last year. This blog has given me the opportunity to meet so many cool people I wouldn’t have otherwise.

So, what do you think so far?

What works? What doesn’t? Any feedback or suggestions? Anyone want to be interviewed? Are daily posts welcome or too much? Too many photos? Not enough? Want more writing to go with the images? Anything you think should be added or taken away?  Any topics you want to see covered or places explored?

4 comments on “LLO Turns One

  1. The biggest question is… is it working for you? I like that it’s daily. If i don’t have time to read it, I don’t, but it’s nice to have the option. It’s helpful too, for someone like me who isn’t in London yet, to see what types of things I can do.

    I would love for you to track down a social worker (purely selfish reasons, as I will be one when i move over) to see what their life looks like in London.

  2. Congrats on your first year! You’re doing a great job.

    I like daily posts and the wide variety of people interviewed. I don’t think anything needs to change.

  3. Oh wow – I cannot believe this wonderful blog is only a year old! I feel like I have known you forever and I consider yours possibly the best London blog there is! Everything works for me (I know, that isn’t helpful) and one day I will get around to writing a guest post for you.

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