Sacred Cafe

After Cafe 1001 off Brick Lane and ScooterCaffe in Waterloo, one of my favourite places to chill out with a nice cup of properly made bag-less tea is Sacred Cafe on Ganton Street – a little haven from the consumer chaos of Oxford Circus and Carnaby Street.

Sacred Cafe

There are actually six locations in London, but I’ve only been to this one so far. It was started up by a couple of Kiwi expats – Tubbs Wanigasekera and Matthew Clark. It’s cosy, as any good coffee shop should be. The atmosphere is relaxing with low lighting, church pews and leather sofas in the basement with candles and Buddha in a little alcove. Or you can sit outside if the sun decides to come back! Free wi-fi too.

Favourite coffee shops in London, anyone?

One comment on “Sacred Cafe

  1. I love Kaffeine on Great Titchfield St. Owned and run by an Australian. Have never ever had a bad cup! Also has fantastic bits to eat

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