Elephant Parade 2010: Adam Bridgland

This is Adam Bridgland who lovingly created Oran (You Stole My Heart) for the Elephant Parade.

He has spared a few moments to share the story behind the design of his elephant.

LLO: Tell us a bit about creating your elephant. 
My elephant was named after my son Oran, who was born shortly after I agreed to be part of the elephant parade.  The design evolved from two prints called ‘You Stole My Heart’ and ‘Nine For A Kiss’, which I completed in early 2009.  The design just seemed to fit perfectly with the sentiment of the project.  The four birds are a reference to my son, taken from the line ‘Four For A Boy’ from the old English magpie rhyme. I also wanted to use a bird that was synonymous with London other than the common pigeon.  The magpie is a beautiful but maligned bird due to its connection to superstition and old wives tales.

LLO: Describe a perfect day in London.
I think the perfect day in London for me is hanging out with my family and friends in and around Islington, visiting the restaurants, shops and bars of Upper Street.  Since moving to London from Cambridge I have always lived around Arsenal so the area around Highbury and Islington always feels like home.

LLO: Where can we see more of your work? 
 You can see more of my work by going to either http://www.adambridgland.co.uk or http://www.tagfinearts.com.  You can also find out what I am up to by visiting my blog http://www.adambridglandartist.blogspot.com.

Location: Notting Hill Gate

To read more about the Elephant Parade in London, click here.

2 comments on “Elephant Parade 2010: Adam Bridgland

  1. Oh wow – this has got to be my favourite elephant yet! What a gorgeous little thing! So nice to meet the artist too.

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