Elephant Parade 2010: Charlotte Kingsnorth & Fred Rigby

One of the most unique creations in the Elephant Parade is Pit Bingko. He’s got quite a sad expression, like he could do with a hug. Pit Bingko, I would say, is also the most realistic of the elephants with an amazingly wrinkly textured skin.

Here’s a few words from the artists, Charlotte Kingsnorth and Fred Rigby.

LLO: How did the two of you end up working together on your elephant? What’s your connection?
C&F: In 2004, we lived in university halls together whilst studying a Foundation Arts Course at Kingston University. After this we both went our separate ways to study Furniture design (Charlotte went to Buckinghamshire and Fred stayed at Kingston) but stayed in contact. We had been talking about doing a project together since leaving university and the Elephant Parade seemed like a great cause and the perfect excuse to experiment with ideas and materials.

LLO: All of the elephants are very different, but yours stands out as unique mainly because of the texture. He also looks a bit like he needs a hug. How did you come up with the idea for Pit Bingko?
We wanted to emulated and exemplify the texture of an Asian Elephant and then distort it by exaggeration.

LLO: Describe the process that you went through to create the textured look.
Layers, layers and more layers of assorted mediums.

LLO: Seeing as this is a London blog, tell us about someone, something or somewhere in London you’ve discovered and think the rest of us should know about.
The best things are always better kept a secret!

LLO: Where can we see more of your work?
 To see more of our work take a look at: www.charlottekingsnorth.com and  www.fredrigby.com


Location: Green Park

To read more about the Elephant Parade in London, click here

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