Elephant Parade 1-10

Some very dedicated people found all 258 elephants in a few days, others found a couple here and there. I suppose I was somewhere in the middle. I found 203, with 55 still missing when they were taken off the streets after last weekend for maintanence. Of course starting today, the majority of the ellies have formed a herd in Chelsea, so I’ll be catching the ones I missed this weekend.

I haven’t posted any of the photos yet besides the interviews, so expect lots of them over the next few weeks. I’ll be posting by number to keep track. Here’s the first 10 on the list.

1. Spotty by Nongklan Pornmingmas; Green Park

2. Radja by Wilairat Tano; originally in Market Place

3. Union Jack by Thammakit Thamboon; originally in Orange Square
Union Jack

4. Strawberry by Thanom Kongchan; The Hempel

5. Piquant by Itttikorn Chaingam; Greenwich Central Market


6. Forever Birds by Anchalee Intorn; St. Modwens Shopping Centre
Forever Birds

7. Tree of Love by Anchalee Intorn; National Geographic, Regent Street
Tree of Love

8. Ampersand by Luca Boonkerd Kaewdee; Hyde Park Corner


9. Simply Gold by Thammakit Thamboon; More London
Simply Gold

10. Pink Elephant by Thammakit Thamboon; Covent Garden Piazza
Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant

For indoor elephants, head to Westfield from 21-30 June.
For outdoor elephants, it’s Chelsea Royal Hospital on June 25, 26 and 28.

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