My Dominion: Deptford High Street

Added to the Flickr pool by Polstar*, this was found scribbled on Deptford High Street.

Deptford High Street

Five years ago, this was considered the most diverse high street and “best shopping street” in London, beating out Oxford Street and Kensington High Street. This South East bit of London near New Cross was also been called “the next Shoreditch” due to the vibrant arts culture and student population in the area.

3 comments on “My Dominion: Deptford High Street

  1. unfortunately it’s all full of bookies! However I still love Deptford High Street – especially on Market day. This Saturday I was there and overheard a very middle-class couple tell their child that they were going to go to the ‘flea market’ to see if they could ‘find a piece’ for the living room. I do wish people would just be honest and admit they were going to the junk market – it keeps the prices lower for the rest of us!

  2. After attending Kate Tempest’s secret recording of her new spoken word album to accompany her book, Patterns, I realised that actually this graffiti is from one of her poems! Puts it into perspective now!

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