London Life: Scooter and Graffiti Wall

There’s something really urban and “London” about scooters on a background of graffiti, so I couldn’t resist a photo of this one over in the east end.

Scooter and Graffiti

Speaking of scooters and other easy ways to get around the city avoiding public transport, has anyone tried out those new Boris Bikes yet? Think you will?

3 comments on “London Life: Scooter and Graffiti Wall

  1. That is a really freaky coincidence – I photographed a scooter leaning against a graffiti wall two Saturdays ago… but then I went on a photo assignment this last Saturday and two of us came back with exactly the same shot taken hours apart!

  2. I would have a go, if there weren’t so many lunatics driving on the road, and perhaps if they supplied crash helmets with those bikes as well! And at least unlike most cyclists out there in London I actually know the rules of the road…

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