Leake Street: Artists at Work

Occasionally I wander down through the Leake Street tunnel to scope out everchanging canvas of the walls. Here’s a few photos of what it looks like right now and a few of the artists at work who let me take their photos.

Art in the Shadows

Artist and his Canvas Wall

Street Artist in Action

Leake Street Graffiti

Contemplating the Next Colour


Fly, Birdie, Fly!

I Heart London

Monster on the Wall


Graffiti Pole

Hoods Up

A Colourful Death

Lights and Graffiti

Leake Street Spray Cans

2 comments on “Leake Street: Artists at Work

  1. I was down there a few months ago and it’s nice to know that they’re constantly being refreshed , but I guess that’s why the Banksy stuff is so high up and out of reach

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