Elephants 81-90

Another round of ellies for you. Here’s numbers 81-90.

81. Marjorie by Clare Bassett; More London

82. Grey Elephant by Corneille; New Bond Street
Grey Elephant

83. Midnight Indigo by Cornelia O’Donovan; Bow Churchyard
Midnight Indigo

84. Matilda by Craig Ritchie & Maribel Castro; Museum of London Docklands

85. Sans Merci by Cynthia Bernheim; St. James’s Park
Sans Merci

Sans Merci

86. Polyphant by Daniel Chadwick; Green Park

87. The Happy End of Nature by Deniz Balabaner; Paddington Station
The Happy End of Nature

88. Ddj by Devon Alfaro; Covent Garden Piazza

89. Brambles by Diana Ralston; Queens Walk, Royal Festival Hall

90. Twiggie by Diane von Furstenberg; originally at 37 Davies Street

For more photos, interviews and other info, visit my Elephant Parade page. Stay tuned for the rest!

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