London Lomography: Chimneys

Here’s a weird shot that came out of my Diana F+ camera of London chimneys. Makes them look a bit mysterious…


Happy Friday!

Anyone have any good weekend plans?


2 comments on “London Lomography: Chimneys

  1. nice shot … but why were you taking a picture of the houses from that angle??

    As to weekend plans – there’s the Great Gorilla Run taking place at 10.30am on Sunday 26 September. It starts in Mincing Court (EC3R 7AA) and goes across Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Southwark Bridge and the Millennium Bridge. 600 Gorillas, mostly in fancy dress, will be running to raise funds for the Gorilla Organisation to support the protection of the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda and the Congo as well as supporting the local people in those areas so they don’t need to encroach further on to the Gorillas territory.

    More details at

    I’ll be running 7km in full Gorilla Suit – I’m #7 – wave if you see me! [And now the plug: you can sponsor me at – Thank you!!]

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