Elephants 101-110

It’s been a while since we’ve had an elephant post. Welcome back to the elephant parade – numbers 101 – 110.

101. Layla by Faiza Butt; Berkeley Square

102. Tattoo – Born to be Wild by Gary Hodges; Green Park
Tattoo - Born to be Wild

Tattoo - Born to be Wild

103. Greetings from the Jungle by Gemma Cumming; Harbet Road, Paddington
Greetings from the Jungle

104. Arthur by Georgina Barclay; Knightsbridge Green

105. Elephant Ladyland by Giacomo Bretzel; 87 Mount Street
Elephant Ladyland

106. Cosmos by Ewelina Kawarska; Bank Station

107. Cartier by Cartier; originally at The Royal Exchange

108. Karma by Professor Gordon Murray; Green Park

109. Russell by Graeme le Saux; Green Park

110. Figgy by Hannah Griffiths; originally in Saint Martin’s Court

For more photos, interviews and other info, visit my Elephant Parade page. Stay tuned for the rest!

6 comments on “Elephants 101-110

  1. Oh how I wish I could add these beauties to my own collection. I have been collecting elephants since a child of 8 yrs old. I must have over 300 of them in different forms. Statues, to “Do Not Disturb” signs.

    Thanks for sharing kind Sir!

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