Elephants 121-130

Elephants 121-130. If you could have one of these in your garden, which would you choose?

121. James Bond by Oliver Lloyd & Lucy Fleming; Queens Walk – Hungerford Bridge
James Bond

122. Roselephant by Jane Callan; More London

123. A Penny for Your Thoughts by Jane Morgan; 26 Audley Street
A Penny For Your Thoughts

A Penny For Your Thoughts

124. Elfreda by Jeff Hoare; originally at Tower of London


125. Lover by Jeff Royland; Berkeley Square

126. Untitled (Gajaraja) by Jitish Kallat; Leicester Square Gardens
Untitled (Gajaraja)

127. Gloria by Joanna Martin; Kings Road

128. Cotee by Joanna Martin; Greenwich Visitor’s Centre

129. Sally by Joanna May; Queens Walk – National Theatre


130. Celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity by  IYB, originally at the Natural History Museum
Celebrating the International Year of Biodiversity

For more photos, interviews and other info, visit my Elephant Parade page. Stay tuned for the rest!

4 comments on “Elephants 121-130

  1. Hi – just to let you know how much I enjoy all these great posts over here in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. Not a Londoner, but resided in Brussels (’93-’97) and had the opportunity to visit several times. My children also attended the British School of Brussels (so I know what terms like “welly” mean since our kids needed them for rainy day recess!). Plus my dad was stationed in London during WWII.

    I share all of the artistic elephant photos with my daughters (plus many other interesting photos such as hair styles!).

    I recently started a ukulele business (True Joy Acoustics, blog site: http://truejoyacoustics.wordpress.com) that has some UK connections. Not that you’re short of material, but certainly would be interesting if you ever featured these folks! One is Steven Sproat, a ukulele performer and author of a fantastic instructional book that I use in my kits; he is based in Gloucestershire. I also source some very interesting, artistic ukulele picks from a fellow by the name of Richard Bailey in Braunston Daventry … I often wonder what his shop must look and feel like –– working with wool felt to make so many specialized picks for ukuleles!

    Anyway, thanks again for all the great posts! – Greg

  2. Hi Greg, Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Glad you’re enjoying the blog! I’ll check out your site. The guys you’ve mentioned sound interesting, but I’m keeping it all in London right now. If you do know of anyone who is living in London that would make a good interview, please let me know!

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