Foxes in Ladbroke Grove

Quite a few of these fox stencils have popped up around Northwest London – Queen’s Park, Kilburn and these three I spotted around Portobello Market and Ladbroke Grove. The third one has already been painted over, I noticed this morning.

Fox on Pink

Fox on Silver

Fox Stencil

Does anyone know who the artist is or if she/he has work in other areas of London? What’s the significance of the foxes? I’d love to know!

2 comments on “Foxes in Ladbroke Grove

  1. ive seen one next to st johns wood tube and a couple in swiss cottage ive noticed that most of them are black but i think ive seen a red one

  2. I first noticed a couple of those foxes over in Queens Park about 12-15 months ago, and more recently in Kilburn. It did cross my mind for a few seconds as to who and why. But at the end of the day it isn’t exactly anything exciting or inspiring…

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