What More Is There?

Some words of wisdom from Anthony Hopkins spotted in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden…

What More Is There?

Today I will be flying out of London to move on to new adventures. I adore this city, but there’s a bit world out there and meeting all of the people I have in London has inspired me to move on and explore. I will be starting a new blog from my next location so stay tuned for a link here. In the meantime, you can also catch me over at Little Photography Observationist.

My last post here will be on Saturday. I’ll be doing a Listen to a Londoner post , so I invite you to throw questions at me to answer through this week. I’ll pick 10 of the best for Saturday. Leave them in the comments or email me at littlelondonobservationist@hotmail.co.uk

One comment on “What More Is There?

  1. Hi Stephie!
    Hope you had a safe journey.
    This is to wish you an awesome time back home.
    Keep in touch! send lots of pictures.
    Now I am in the reception replacing Agne who now is trying to convince Macin to fix up the tyres of her bike.
    We had quite easy day, not that many students.
    Now, Alan asked for us to choose the cover page of the prospectus.
    I liked more the one which has the pictures of campus on it, like Paul.
    look forward in hear from you soon,

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