Colombia: A New Adventure

Hi everyone!

As promised, I came back to let you know where to find me next. I’ve now started up my Colombia blog which will be very similar to this one – lots of interviews, colourful photos and stories of my adventures. I leave on Tuesday.

If you want to follow along, stop by and subscribe.

Say hi to London for me x

4 comments on “Colombia: A New Adventure

  1. Hope you are having a wonderful trip, I’ve been there 4 times. Had an amazing time.

    I also found a fantastic new Colombian venue in London, on Elephant Road called Chatica. They have a bakery, deli & cafe restaurant. Amazing food.

    When you are back let me know and we can meet up there.

    Enjoy your adventure.

  2. Hey!

    The link to your blog about Colombia is incorrect. Can you please fix it. I would love to read your posts!!

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