London Lenses: Something About London that Makes you Smile

It’s time for your first London Lenses photo mission!

London Lenses posts will run every Thursday. I’m going to give you a topic and you’ll have all week to post your best photos in the Flickr pool. A handful of those photos will be posted on the blog before the next topic is announced. Anyone with London photos can join in. You don’t have to be a great photographer. It’s about creativity, but it’s more about content and London through your eyes.

So here we go. Your first topic is: Something About London that Makes you Smile

It can be something in your house, out and about or wherever you find it. Something that screams “London” or something you could find anywhere like your favorite mug. Whatever makes you smile.

Some things in London that make me smile: street art, walks on Hampstead Heath, a great find in one of the markets, a cup of tea, the Lomo Photography shop, the variety of food, misspelled shop signs, etc.

Here’s a few of my own photos to get you moving:

Writing on the wall, Brick Lane.

Relaxing outside a very colourful shop on Brick Lane

The old backyard bonfires we used to have in Kensal Green

Tibetan momos at the Sunday Up-Market. Yum!

Taking a break amid the chaos of Notting Hill Gate.


Step 1: Take photos of things that make you smile
Step 2: Upload to Flickr pool
Step 3: Tag photos LLOSmile and write in the description why it makes you smile


6 comments on “London Lenses: Something About London that Makes you Smile

  1. Wonderful! I’m so happy you’ll return to London and you’ll carry on to write about this city that I love so much. I’m 42, I’m italian and I’ve been in London for some days only 3 times (the last one along with my husband and my two children), but I love so much that city and the way you speak about it.
    Thank-you very much, this blog often makes my day!!

  2. Some sundays ago at that victorian door shop in the pic there was a guy playing piano and singing … I couldn’t take my eyes (and ears) off him …
    Go and see if he’s still playing there, you won’t regret it!

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