Giveaway: Christmas Ornaments

Since you guys are such awesome readers, I’m trying to line up some giveaways for you this year. They’re open worldwide.

For the first one, the lovely Lyubka, a mixed media artist based in Boise Idaho, will be sending one of you a series of four hand-sewn heart ornaments painted with snowflakes. Aren’t they cute?


LLO: Tell us a bit about yourself as an artist.
Lyubka: When I was younger my mom enrolled me in plastic sculpture classes where I was taught art history as well as drawing and painting with different mediums and textures. I mostly paint with acrylics and watercolors. If I had to choose between acrylics and watercolors I would pick acrylics because it gives me the opportunity to create texture. I tend to use fabrics, rope and other materials to create texture when creating some of my mixed media acrylic paintings on canvas. I also like painting with palette knives because of the effect and uniqueness they give to a painting. I recently picked up sewing again and have been making hanging hearts and hand-sawn ornaments.
LLO: What inspires you to create? 
Lyubka: I find inspirations from nature and things I see around me. Sometimes I will see a color and it will inspire me to do a painting or I will see a shape and that would inspire me. I love painting flowers. I take my camera with me everywhere I go and I take a lot of picture of flowers I see and that gives me a lot of ideas for some of my art pieces. I try to find the beauty in everything I see and most of the time I find inspirations from the most unexpected things. Quite often I find that I do not have an idea of what I want to paint but I have an urge to paint. So I just pick the colors that I want to use and I start painting. I love the feeling I get after I make something that I can be proud of. I am most at peace when I am creating my art. Art is my passion and I will never stop painting.
Be a follower of Little London Observationist, visit Lyubka’s shop and tell us your favorite piece in a comment.
Leave an extra comment here for each of the following: Follow LLO on Twitter; follow Lyubka’s blog; add Lyubka’s shop to your faves on Etsy; like LLO on Facebook; add a London photo to the LLO Flickr group.
The winner will be chosen at random from a number generator based on the number of comments on this entry. The competition is open for one week and will close at midnight GMT on November 22. Lyubka will ship the winner’s prize anywhere in the world.
(If you would like to giveaway a product on LLO or sponsor a giveaway of one of my London photography prints, get in touch.)

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