Hello London.

It feels good to be in the city again, feel the life flowing around me. I made a spontaneous decision to come back to London early. I arrived on Monday. Hello!

While sorting out a job, a place to stay and catching up with friends, I haven’t found tons of time to head out and take photos yet, but they will come. That’s a promise.

In the meantime, here’s a few random London-y things that have happened since I arrived:

– Someone handed me a full travel pass for all day Monday when I arrived at Heathrow.

– Today we saw a sign for a “Missing parrot”.

– I got to eat some Gambian food. Yum yum!

– I got lost in Peckham and some nice guy helped me out by not only finding my destination on his handy iPhone map but also volunteered to walk me to a point where it was super straightforward. Nothing creepy about him.

– I took a photo of a unique house with faces above the doors in Lewisham where a madman yells from the corner.


What was the most interesting moment of your day today? 

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