Occupy Camp Pics

I made it over to St. Paul’s to check out the Occupy camp a few days ago (albeit in the dark…), but haven’t had a chance to sort out my own photos yet.  Where the Art Is sure did though, and got some great shots that were added to the LLO Flickr pool. So, here we go, a little photo essay for you today:

What do you guys think of Occupy? Have you seen it or maybe even participated? 

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11 comments on “Occupy Camp Pics

    • Hi Andy, This Occupy is around the side of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, and from what I understand there are also two more sites of protest, another common public square area and an abandoned building owned by a bank where a bunch of people are now squatting.

  1. Personally, I think that the movement is lacking any form of real direction if you will. I will say that they are forming from all groups of people that have different opinions on the working of the economy and government. That’s the problem. They have no leadership, political influence, or set lists of reform or any suggestions as to how to accomplish their unknown goals. Phew!

    • Hi Static, I agree with you to an extent. I’ve only been here for a few days so I haven’t wrapped my head around the full details of their cause, but being there for a bit the other night, I did get a sense that they were all fighting for different causes. Not only against the government and the way they are running this country and the shabby economy but also poking at the lifestyle of much of the general public.

  2. I am sympathetic to their cause, however, I suspect that their solution is worse.

    What we suffer from in most western places is fascism (in the economic sense of the word) aka corporatism, but I suspect that their cure is socialism, which is the worst form of fascism known.

    It would be better if they were to read up on our rights under article 61 of Magna Carta, and the 1688 Declaration of Rights, and armed with that information, lodged affidavits with Her Majesty giving notice of their intent to enter “Lawful Rebellion”.

    As a lawful rebel, they can go about their daily business whilst simultaneously making themselves a right royal pain in the a.


    • Thanks for those thought right_writes. I didn’t know that either. Perhaps someone from the protest will swing by the blog and take your comments to heart. It’s always important to be educated about your rights before you start chasing a cause. It makes not only for a stronger stand but gives you more credibility as well when you know the laws.

    • I find your comments about socialism highly ignorant.communism in its worst form is worse than fascism.however socialist models of healthcare and economics are used in many countries to great success, particularly scandanavia.the nhs is a socialist system which the tories are looking to destroy.also a lot of people are getting tired of conventional protest.we march, we petition and nothing is listened to.the reason occupy doesn’t have one manifesto is the issues they are protesting against are many fold.many sound arguments are being put forward to assist with financial regulation and a fairdeal for all.personally I find it very sad that people want to sneer at people taking a stand.we are educated about the civil rights movements and other such groups but when we see people sacrificing comfort over a cause we say they should all get jobs.right now we are being told that the poor the sick and the vulnerable do not matter and the same ludicrous policies are being done again and again.how many times will the taxpayer bail out the banks before being told they need to tighten their belts still more?

      • My first words were “I am sympathetic to their cause…”, that is hardly sneering is it?

        I just think that, bureacracy is a bad thing, and that socialism is even more bureacratic than corporatism (if that is possible).

        Your example of the NHS as some sort of beacon of the success of socialim only illustrates my argument, as a more inefficient way of managing the treatment of ill-health could not be imagined.

        I am not saying that I have any answers, only that socialism is NOT it. Though I would tend to lean towards local direct democracy, as a way of farming out sovereign solutions to a higher level. In other words, the individual is sovereign, not nations or economic blocs, and people should be very careful, who they allow to act for them… Which brings me back to why I have sympathy for their cause… They are ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING, which is more than I am ( for instance).


  3. They are all obviously pretty much unemployed layabouts.. I work hard for my living and a fairly low wage and I am subsidising these people through my taxes.

    Even if I wanted to be part of what they are doing I am way too busy earning my crust in a full time job to be out there.. they have have some good points but I think they have way to much time on their hands!

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