Down in Deptford Market

Deptford Market is in a part of London I’ve never explored very well. While I sort out a job (help?) and a flat, I’m staying with my aunt and cousin in Plumstead which is nearby. My aunt took me out on a little adventure the other day that started with a walk through the L-shaped market of Deptford.

My favorite market goodie that we came across was this gigantic Jack Daniels lighter and equally massive cigarette:

Like all London markets, it was colorful and quirky. Deptford Market is full of bric-a-brac, shoes galore, locally-grown fruits and veg, cheap clothes, fresh fish, funky buttons and eccentric people. Just as a market should be.

When I was away from London for the last nearly 10 months, one aspect of London life I missed the most was the markets. They are where all life seems to unfold.

The market has an old-fashioned vibe to it with the cockney sellers shouting their wares. Super friendly vendors and no tourist knick knacks.

Stroll down the high street and you’ll find restaurants serving Indian, Vietnamese, West African, Chinese, Pakistani, Sri-Lankan, Cambodian and Turkish food.

And down miss the awesome pink building with the His & Hers chimneys!

Check it out on a Wednesday or Saturday then add your pics to the Flickr pool for a chance to be featured here.

Have you been to Deptford Market? What’s the most interesting thing you’ve found there? Would you recommend a visit? 

8 comments on “Down in Deptford Market

  1. I dated a guy who lived with friends on a semi-converted barge on debtford creek and he was a hearty lover of all things debtford. I think it’s an up and coming community, the likes of shoreditch, however I really dislike the area. It’s quite unsafe, there are many gangs or wanna-be gangs, and I’m not being snooty… It smells. I can’t usually identify the scent but it’s torture waiting at the train station most days!
    On the flip side, there are a lot of artists living in the area and the debtford project is a great idea.
    Plumstead, on the other hand is an area I wish I could avoid, but being a social worker for Greenwich council, I often find myself there to assess families. How are you liking plumstead?

    • I find it sad that you think Deptford’s like that (were you using the’Bird’s Nest ironic spelling of DeBtford?) – it’s a bit rough and ready but we love it that way. I can understand people feeling a bit worried around there but during the day it’s as safe as houses. Take it from someone who has been around there every hour of the day photographing at the Albany or clubbing at The Bunker.
      I hope it doesn’t end up like Shoreditch – it will squeeze out the characters there.

  2. Hi Jen,

    Well, beyond the market and a walk up the high street to Lewisham, I haven’t had too much time to really explore Deptford. But I liked the charm of the people I came across that day. I sometimes enjoy the rough and rugged areas of this city where artists seem to congregate. The buildings have a lot of character and the stories of the people intrigue me.

    Plumstead? I’m here temporarily staying with family and haven’t done much exploring around beyond my morning stroll to either Woolwich Arsenal or Welling stations. When I’m home, it’s dark and I’ve only been here one weekend, during which I had the Deptford adventure and the other day of it spent in Central London.

    Sounds like you have an interesting job!

  3. What a stunning post! Plumstead was my local train station for a long time when we first moved here! Welcome back to London, sorry it’s taken me so long to visit. I place the blame fair and square on my exams!

    Let me know if you’d like to meet up for lunch or anything.

  4. Deptford Market is my favourite place ever. I go there lots. I’ve found some crazy weird stuff there. I picked up some 1960s ‘Aura Goggles’ and some fantastic paper ephemera. I like to get my hands dirty on the junk market!

  5. Should I be proud, being a Tennessee girl and all, that Jack Daniel’s made your photos? Or should I be a little embarrassed? 😉 A tid-bit of knowledge for your viewers: Jack Daniel’s is made in a “dry” (can not purchase alcohol) town.

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