Pictures in a Tunnel

The strong scent of spray paint settled around us like a cloud in the Leake Street tunnel last weekend. We went down to check out the event Writers-Pictures In A Tunnel. I’d been down there loads of times with my camera including way back when the Cans festivals were happening and just at random on my way to Scootercaffe like here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here, for example…

Here’s a YouTube video from one of the organizers.
(You can see me in my red coat around 1.02 taking a photo of a spray painted piece of rope tied around a fence…)

And, of course, some photos from such a visual event.

Graffiti Puddle

Double Decker Approach

Blue Face

Down Low

Rainbow Wall

Little People


Isn't he cute?

Fly on the Wall

Silver Streaks


From a Plan

Health and Safety Graffiti Style


Artist In Shadow

Neon Green Tag

I absolutely love seeing street artists and graffiti artists at work. It fascinated me to no end. In fact, I’ve got an interview with one of these guys for you pretty soon so stay tuned!

164 comments on “Pictures in a Tunnel

  1. I love these pictures! I am an artist but compared to these guys I am completely and utterly conservative. I need to let go and let my colors take control!

    Congrats on being Fresh Pressed!

  2. Shame there is no Mega-Like button, would be all over it like white on rice 🙂

    Love the pics anyway, I have lots of graffiti pics from various places on my travels too, just need to get my act together and post them. Where in London is Leake Street?

  3. graffiti is cool but not when it is spray painted on the wall of our shop or in the entrance foyer on our billboard sign….very expensive to remove this stuff…however, if I must choose removing graffiti or removing someone’s spit on our shop window, I choose graffitti.

  4. I love this ever-evolving landscape! Wonderful use of color and great photography as well! ‘Isn’t He Cute?’ and the first photo with the reflection off the puddle are brilliant! Thanks for sharing this and congrats on being FP’d too!

  5. I’m not an artist, but i love and appreciate artwork. They give me a sense of satisfaction just by seeing them

  6. Good stuff. Whenever I see art, and especially street artist/graffiti I am enlivened. And I am forever reminded of Marcel Duchamp and his quote, “All in all, the creative act is not performed by the artist alone… the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.”

  7. In 2008 I had the good fortune to walk through the tunnel that leads from the “Eye” to a yarn shop called “I Knit”. London graffiti rocks. What I really liked was that the canvas extended to the sidewalk – it was just cool. I think they should give lessons! Thanks for a trip back to that day!

  8. I enjoy street art, especially murals. However, spray paint is extremely toxic and contributes to air pollution. Perhaps a more sustainable version of mural painting exists. Now I’d find that a fascinating topic.

  9. wow its really nice i am presently photographing street art in bamako mali, i think you would like it there is an article on my blog and an other one coming soon. also id like to know if you can give e some advise for my blog diffusion yours seems to go pretty well. like how do you do the flag counter blogger like this widget. thank you

  10. So nice, you’ve really captured the true atmosphere of the Leake Street tunnel beautifully! Love the 2 guys’ teamwork to complete the high-level areas…!

  11. Great photos, especially ones w/painters in action . . . Nice to see places dedicated to street art. Good stuff!

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  14. I love street art, and you’ve got some great shots of some impressive work! I agree with you that it’s such a treat to see the artists working. Looking forward to the interview.

  15. Thanks a lot. I like what are your doing because is very interesting and I always had a dream to know London; To me England is the Mother of Invention and the exemple of a free culture, we need learn and inviroment to grow like a human beign who wont be free. Thanks again.

  16. I enjoy street art, especially murals. However, spray paint is extremely toxic and contributes to air pollution. Perhaps a more sustainable version of mural painting exists. Now I’d find that a fascinating topic.

  17. I would really have to say that those graffiti were artistically done. And your shots are cool. I love the one with the reflection in the water. Thumbs up!

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  19. WOW…i absolutely loved this photo series!!!! i am just a huge fan of street art…but sadly its not much practiced in my country.
    Its great you can actually see and shoot these artists…love the post….def coming back for more!!

  20. First off i am in love with the pictures ! And i was also wondering if you could help me with something, i am wanting to insert a video from vimeo and saw you have one from youtube, how did you get it into your post becuase i cant figure it out! would be so thankful for help 🙂

    • Hi Jamie, I’ve never tried one from Vimeo, but if you google vimeo and there’s probably some advice. For youtube vids, you just insert the URL in the post, so it may be similar. There’s a media button in the editing screen of new posts as well where you can upload video.

  21. How fantastic that this s an ‘event’! Great photos! Have you heard of 5 Pointz in Queens, NY? A place where global graffiti artists paint street art legally, though the building may be torn down to develop condominiums. I have some photos here:
    Would love your support so we can send the comments as part of the petition to stop this demolition!!

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  24. the first photo with the reflection of the art in the puddle, that photograph is breath taking. I’m from Detroit, and I don’t know if being so near graffiti art has made me a tough critique of, or immune to its beauty. Either way, this is really something.

  25. These pictures are so alive, so colorful and in the location that they are end seems to bring that particular area to life!

    • Haha 🙂 Come back to me in a few weeks and I probably will. I’ve got loads of shots of graffiti from all over London. Just in the middle of job hunting and flat hunting right now but once that settles down, I’ll have a bit more time!

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