John Kortland Photography: Londoners in Action

I’m am seriously loving John Kortland‘s awesome contributions to the Flickr pool lately, so this post is dedicated to him. He has a fantastic eye for street photography, for capturing those little moments (at just the right moment) that make living in this city so amusing.

People watching has got to be one of the best ways to pass time in London, seeing little glimpses of a stranger’s personality, wondering about where they came from, what their story is and where they’re going. Just watching life unfold, really. And life unfolds in a pretty interesting way around here sometimes.

Here’s a few of the moments that may have gone unnoticed had John not been around with his camera! Enjoy.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Community Care

That's Got To Sting !

The Whistle Blower

Who's Your Friend ?

News From The Dark Side

Bit Tied Up at the Moment

Sock Sunning

In Step But Not Together

Thanks John!

To the rest of you, be sure to stop by his page and give this talented photographer a little virtual handshake. John’s been into photography for about 30 years now and being retired, he’s got lots of time to poke his lens around London’s busy streets.


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