East End Street Art

When I returned to London a few weeks ago, I said one of the first things I wanted to do was to take my camera on a winding stroll through the streets of the East End.

Colour Collage

I love the vibrancy of the area, the colourful canvas walls and the creativity swiped through the grit and grime.


I love it for its diversity, its markets, its delicious food from around the world and its culture that seeps into every area of life.

Ebor Street

I love the East End for its enticing imperfections, its spray painted bricks, misspelled signs and Bengali script on some of the street names.

Nature Collage

There are quirky shops, charity shops, vintage shops, music shops, book shops, clothing shops and bakeries mingling around the market stalls of Brick Lane and too-trendy shops carrying on through Shoreditch.


I went with a friend this time, for the East London Design Show in Shoreditch Town Hall (anyone else go to that?) to check out the latest designers and get some Christmas gift ideas.

Please Wait Here

Found some interesting messages on the walls along the way. Anyone know what “Don’t kook my vagina” is supposed to mean in this one ^?


I also came across a few street artists I wasn’t so familiar with before who I’ve tried to contact for interviews so look forward to seeing some of those in the coming weeks/months.

I Heart War

Tower Hamlets has put together a nice little shopping guide for the borough here if anyone is interested.

The World The Way I Want It

One of my favourite East End blogs is Spitalfields Life. The content’s depth and the ability of “The Gentle Author” to get inside the heart of the area is impressive.


Do any of you hang out around the East End? What are your favourite and least favourite things about the area? Any hangouts or shop recommendations?


I’ll leave you with one last photograph of a Cosmo Sarson piece. I interviewed Cosmo not too long ago for the blog. Great guy. If you missed it, check it out here.

Bangladeshi Girl by Cosmo Sarson

Have a lovely week everyone!

6 comments on “East End Street Art

  1. i love the East End and it is nice to see it through the graffiti and all the messages left on the walls … the different pictures put together give a nice visual narrative … thanks for sharing ..

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