Plumstead Horsies

It’s not so often you spot a horse hanging out in London, but on the edge of Plumstead, nearly in Kent, we found this little guy and two others in a fenced in field while we were out for a walk over the weekend.

I couldn’t get a great photo because he was too close to the fence and wouldn’t move back. He kept brushing his nose against it to be pet. I love his short little legs and his big sad eyes.

The only other place I’ve seen horses in London are on Mudchute Farm and Spitalfields City Farm. Anyone know of anywhere else?

6 comments on “Plumstead Horsies

  1. I grew up very near to here, and thought you might like a little bit of extra info…

    Me and my mates used to play around here, and I went to junior school about five minutes walk away.

    This bit of land always used to be called “Fanny on the Hill”… 😊

    I believe that it was after a pub that used to be there with that name, the pub was rebuilt and renamed “The White Horse” in the 1930’s there have always been horses there, I lived there in the 1960’s, and my Grandfather knew it by that name too.

    Incidentally, it’s also about five minutes walk from where Kate Bush grew up.

  2. I’ve seen horses in two locations in Greenwich – one in Plumstead on the 472 bus on the way to Thamesmeade (I was on the bus, not the horse!) and the othe two were chained up in an estate yard in Abbeywood. I’ve been told that they are owned by travellers.

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