John Kortland’s London Lens

I’ve just started reading Londoners by Craig Taylor (interview with Craig on the blog in the coming weeks!). It includes interviews with 80+ Londoners from all backgrounds to get a glimpse into their lives and their relationship with this city. (Have any of your read it? What do you think?)

John Kortland‘s photography does something quite similar.  The images he captures day after day of people going about their everyday lives, people of all economic backgrounds, all races and ages, is brilliant. (You should publish a book, John :))

The work he adds to the Flickr pool for the blog always provokes a reaction – a smirk, a giggle, a sense of longing or a pinch of sadness. That’s what makes his work powerful for me. And for you guys too, judging by your reaction to the last entry of John’s photography.

So, here’s another handful for you with more to come next week. Stay tuned.

The Kissing App

Wishful Thinking

Winter Paddle

Remaining Anonymous

No Topping On Mine

Eltons Mum ?

Shock And Awe

Recession Hits Santa

Stop by John’s Flickr page and show some support for a guy with an awesome eye!


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