Street Artist Don in the East End

Whilst I was wandering through the East End streets the other day, I came across three different pieces by street artist DON. Random tidbit of information – He once taught east end children at a local school how to mural a wall.

Here are the three shots I took the other day. I especially love the owl with all of its glorious details and colourful background.

Peering Out

The Banker

Owl by Don

Have you guys spotted any DON pieces around lately?
He’s just agreed to do an interview for the blog so you’ll be hearing from him in the coming weeks!

6 comments on “Street Artist Don in the East End

  1. Gorgeous photos! He is really talented and I love that each piece has a completely different style, theme and message. The middle one is my favourite – it reminds me of Garth Nix’s novel Mister Monday.

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