Congo Protests Pictures Series

The Congo protests back on December 12 got quite a bit of attention with 139 people arrested following the election results in the DRC. There are of course many issues surrounding the protests, from fraudulent results to rape and massacre among others. A group of more than 200 DRC demonstrators caused an emergency tube evacuation at Oxford Circus the other day. Things were pretty messy over in Whitehall. Sabine Thoele was there with her camera and managed to get some shots of the action which she added to the Flickr pool. I wanted to share them with you a while ago, but life took over what with moving house and Chirstmas round the corner. So here we go, finally:

Congo protest V

Congo protest VI

Congo protest IV

Congo protest III

Congo protest II

Congo protest I

There’s still some smaller protests going on. Keep up with the news and add your photos to the Flickr pool if you have any!


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