I Spy with my Little Eye… A Robin!

Back home, we always say it’s not Spring until you’ve seen the first robin, which is usually in March or April. Never in my life have I seen a robin on the 27th of December. Until this year. Back home the snow is fluttering instead of the robins. I was just sitting on a bench near the Windmill museum in Wimbledon Common a few days ago and this little guy fluttered up to the picnic table next to mine. I quickly grabbed my camera and managed to get a blurry photo of him as he was about to fly away. But it’s proof!

When I lived in Earl’s Court, there was a baby robin who used to come right up to us in the back garden and eat off of the table. This reminded me of that, but really early in the year! There are flowers growing, roses blooming, bulbs sprouting and blossoms on the trees and it’s not even January… Not that I’m complaining! Have you spotted your first robin of the season yet? Any signs of Spring near you? Think London will ever see snow this year?

Lots of photos of pretty Wimbledon Common in the next few days. Happy Friday everyone. Love a short working week!

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