Brick Canvas of Blackall Street

Blackhall StreetAbove photo of Blackall Street by Gautier Houba from the Flickr pool.

It was a few years ago I first stumbled on Blackall Street in East London. It’s a colourful little street where you would never really go unless you were looking for street art, which I was. And I go back there quite often now to scope out the changing canvas of work on the brick walls where you can usually find the likes of Stik, C215, Swoon, Alice and loads of other gems.

Blackall Street

Here’s some of my latest Blackall Street shots:


Bortusk Leer


The Old Jesus



Goofy Paste-ups


Little Stik

C215 Face 2

Spot any new street art pieces lately? Do you ever go out looking for it like I do? 


One comment on “Brick Canvas of Blackall Street

  1. Interesting that graffiti has effectively become a fine art in London over the years – something it shares with Bristol but not something you see in abundance elsewhere in the UK. I love the images you’ve captured here.

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