Street Art from Swoon

Swoon isn’t a Londoner, nor is she British, but her work has been all over the streets of this city lately, particularly since her first solo exhibition in London started in December at Black Rat Projects gallery (unfortunately last week was the last week, but a little wander round East London and you’ll nearly feel like you were there…). I spotted a few pieces over the weekend that haven’t made it on the blog yet so I’ll share them with you here. They were taken just off of Hackney Road.


Swoon lives in Brooklyn at the moment (she was born in Connecticut and grew up in Florida) and NYC is where her fascination with street art began over a decade ago.


Her real name is Caledonia Dance Curry. Apparently the name “Swoon” came to an ex-boyfriend in a dream and it stuck with her.


She works mainly with wheat-paste pieces as you can see in these photos. They are intricate (contain stories within stories), delicate, fragile and fleeting, though she’s mentioned she’s noticed they stay up longer lately – a sign of growing respect for her art.


Swoon’s been out doing exhibitions, working in a lab, and taking her work indoors on occasion, but she will always work on the streets as well. As she told Time Out, “I want to engage the world itself and not just the art world.”

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