Switch on Your Happiness

Hey, it’s Friday! Time to “switch on your happiness”! Loving this piece I found installed at the top of a stairway where Regents canal flows lazily past Broadway Market:

Actually, I think this is a good photograph to print out and tack up above my desk at work and one for the mirror at home for Monday mornings (just for extra measure). It would probably be good for the artist, Sophia Fox, to install a few on the tube as well. Wouldn’t hurt, right?

This is one of my favourite forms of street art. It’s small so you feel a bit special when you find it. It’s creative. It makes me smile. And it’s something that sticks with me. There is, in fact, a whole series of colourful “Happiness Switches” from Sophia’s collection. There are even mapped locations where we can go hunt them down (I love a good treasure hunt)! If you work nearby one of them, scope it out for me and see if it’s still there please!

I love the idea behind Sophia’s work as it echoes the ideas behind LLO as well. She explains, “Through my work I like to bring a smile and perhaps the appreciation of little moments of happiness.”

12 comments on “Switch on Your Happiness

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  2. I’ve see her work too. Hugely talented. What a creative mind she has. In the deep misery of society, a small token of happiness just lifts you up. Sophia…put one in New Cross please.

      • Lol….I’m not sure if she will consider a New Cross switch but I would love it. She only seems to put them in central (I think). I saw one near the Aldgate East Station. So cool!

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