John Kortland Shoots in B&W

Looking at black and white photography makes me want to put some Bon Iver and Sigur Ros on Spotify, light a few relaxing candles and fade into the evening with a lovely warm cup of tea (which is exactly what I’m doing as I write this…).

These photographs are the latest from one of my favourite London street photographers, John Kortland, who I finally had the pleasure to meet in person last week over a lunch break.

A winter cigarette, a passionate public embrace, the play of light and shadows among the crowds, an intimate cafe conversation. Like all of his shots, they tell stories, but there’s something deeper (perhaps a greater sense of emotion) that emerges when the colour is stripped away.

John normally shoots in colour, as you’ve seen in previous blog posts, but I think he has a knack for black and white, don’t you?

Winter Smoker

Love, Actually

Resting Rider

Rubbish Coffee

Winter Rush Hour

How Does He Do It ?

Roll Up

Look But Don't See

Fire Exit Keep Clear


Table For Two

What are your thoughts on black and white photography? 

Catch up with some of the previous entries featuring John Kortland’s work here or if you missed out on his London Art Spot interview, you’ll want to click here.

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