Canal Walk: Camden Market to Broadway Market

Remember Friday’s Happiness Switch? Well that was at the tail end of my walk from Camden Market to Broadway Market, snaking my way along the Regents Canal pathway. But as I’m sure you have guessed by now, there are plenty more photos where that came from!

Black and White Bird

It was surprisingly busy. Joggers zooming past, panting heavily, iPods dangling. The less motivated ones relaxing in the grass where small bright patches of sun warmed their backs. Cyclers and Borris bike beginners weaving through with their jingling warning bells.


And then the rest of us meandering along, taking in the scenery of grunge and graffiti, house boats with eccentric names bobbing on water, plants growing on their roofs. People like me with cameras. A girl speed-walking whilst reading a novel. Dogs trotting along with drooping tongues and owners in tow.

Hope is Beautiful 2

Couples holding hands, couples arguing loudly about whose fault it is they are now committed to a dinner party next weekend, couples making out on benches.

Rusted Bridge

As the day slowly faded, a warm light glowed around the boats and bounced off of the water.


I spotted the estate in Hackney that’s become an art exhibition of sorts called “I Am Here” – a reminder of the real people who are involved. The project’s intention is to “open up a reflective space concerning issues about visibility and ‘urban renewal'”.

Faces in the Windows

And then I spotted this old building with its faded sign and broken windows:

Ron's Eel and Shell Fish

And an odd collection of colourful flags tied to a structure…

Prayer Flags?

A comment on love versus money from Loko Ais…

Thoughts of Money and Love

The tunnels cause the pathway to narrow because they add the slant to the far side so that sometimes only one person can pass at a time, making things interesting when bikes pass.


The water was quite still and made for some interesting reflections.

Shoreditch Reflection

Robbo’s covered up an old Banksy piece here:

Team Robbo Rollin with the Stoned

And Pable Delgado strikes the canalside:

Pablo Delgado

The closer I walk toward Hackney, the more street art starts to appear from the likes of Swoon, Pablo Delgado, Stik, Robbo, Loko Ais and Sweet Toof.

Graffiti Walkway

Next time, I’ll continue the canal walk from Broadway Market down to Limestone Basin and see what other goodies there are to discover.

Today, I’m off to the London Art Fair 2012 in Islington. Last day if you’re looking for something to do!

6 comments on “Canal Walk: Camden Market to Broadway Market

  1. wow, very interesting pictures – reminds me of -do you work with them? Anyway, where are the plenty more pictures that you said you have – a FB page perhaps?

  2. I mentioned a while back, that one of my favourite London walks is the Regent’s Canal (9½ miles)…

    I did Limehouse to Broadway market just last Saturday… (then on to Hoxton and down to London Bridge Station via Old Street) I had been aiming for ‘Lucky Chip” but the van was closed, with no explanation… grrr.

    Anyway, I smiled a bit at Broadway market, it was packed with Sarah’s and Giles’s, and they were all queuing for ‘wild’ mushroom risotto (£5 for a cardboard box full of slop), the other stalls were of a similar nature…

    Meanwhile Cookes (Eel and pie) was deserted… This was £3.50 for a pie and liquor, with a scoop of mash ‘scraped’ onto the side of the plate… It was delicious and warming.

    The east end is great, as long as you ignore the east end… 🙂

    I realise that I am being a little disingenuous here with my ‘pop-up’ burger pretensions, but I think that the worm is turning, I am looking for real London a bit more now.

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  4. ahahaha love the comment about East End – slightly under handed, but alright 😉 Oh and I ❤ myMzone! Anyway, good post – enjoyed reading it and nope I have not walked until limestone basis – should do, someday.

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