Looking Up in London

My dad told me you always have to look up in London because the architecture is impressive and you never know what you might see up there (although if you look up too much, you’ll miss all those awesome Pablo Delgado pieces!)

This isn’t exactly beautiful architecture, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. I used to walk down Ladbroke Grove to work every day. I finally snapped a photo of these falling bricks. It’s at the very top of a row of flats near Ladbroke Grove Station, easy to miss if you’re not looking for it.

Falling Bricks

So I decided to scope out the Flickr pool and see what you guys have found whilst looking up in London. Here’s a few photos.

AbstractionAbstraction by Mayameen Al-Hamoud

SteelSteel by Shando

Funny things these humans always rushing  around doing nothing ....
Funny things these humans rushing around doing nothing… by Graham F Kerr

HinHin by Gautier Houba

In flightIn Flight by Sabine Thoele

Have you seen anything interesting looking up in London recently?
Add your photos to the Flickr pool.


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