Part 1: Chinese New Year 2012 – Atmosphere

London always puts on a colourful festive Chinese New Year celebration. Makes for some great photo opportunities. I went down to watch the parade yesterday, eat a steamed chicken bun and soak up the atmosphere. Everywhere you walk you hear the snap snap snap of children throwing snappers at the ground. Rainbow coloured dragons on sticks. Steam rising from street food stalls. Lettuce hanging in doorways to start the year afresh.

Here are a few photos of the decorations and atmosphere:

Tomorrow: Photos of the people I took during Chinese New Year celebrations…stay tuned!

6 comments on “Part 1: Chinese New Year 2012 – Atmosphere

  1. Fantasic pics (as always) I used to love ambling through China Town in Manchester, so different to everywhere else in the city.. Must make a mental note to eat before viewing your blog as once more I feel hungry now.

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