Canal Walk: Broadway Market to Limehouse Basin

Picking up where I left off around Broadway Market, I continued my walk along Regents Canal all the way to Limehouse Basin.


The weather had cooled down a notch and a half, so I had my fingerless gloves on this time, wrapped up in a big scarf, wishing I had a travel mug full of hot tea.


Noticed a few of these random veggie signs posted by weeds that look ever so slightly like the plant indicated. There was one for onions nearby next to a dried up weed with brown seed pods that looked as much like onions as these do lettuce. Anyone know who put them there?

Early Bird

More art along the walls, colourful bricks. Mighty Mo loves the canal and seems to have done quite a few collaborations with Sweet Toof like this one below.

Mighty Mo & Sweet Toof

Of course Sweet Toof’s work is everywhere, like this one with a dead ROA piece.

Graffiti Tunnel

I stood there for a while and watched the geese looking at these creatures that seemed to have invaded their canal bank.

Duck & Graffiti

Here’s a closer shot of the ROA – Sweet Toof piece:

Sweet Toof and Roa

It was a pretty grey day, but couples were still walking, joggers still racing by and cyclers clanging their bells to pass everyone else.

Saturday Stroll

Spotted this little arrow pointing to the “west”. Apparently the little man wanted to go east…

West is Best

And more Sweet Toof…

Sweet Toof

I took a little detour off the canal path to take some photos of Stik’s work up above (but you can’t see those yet. mwahaha!) and this is standing on the steps looking down the path. And I may possibly have slapped an LLO sticker on that pole on the way down. It was asking for it.

Hackney Canal Walk

And some more Sweet Toof…

Sweet Toof Reflection

This one’s hiding out.

Sweet Toof

Anyone know who is the artist of this cat fight?

Cat Fight

Everything seemed to have paint on it for a little stretch of the walk.


Walking past all the houseboats tied along the edge, you can’t help but wonder what it would be like to own one, to wake up each morning, climb up on the  small deck at the front and drink your morning tea on the canal. A lot of the owners grow plants on the roof.  Most of them have names. This one was one of my favourites. “Somewhere” evokes wanderlust, vagabonding freedom. Somewhere.


There were plenty of bridges that crossed low over the pathway. A couple of them only big enough for one and a half people.


Saw this man contentedly feeding the gulls and the ducks. Thought he’d look nice in black and white. Seemed to fit his character.

Feeding the Birds

This picture was all about the colour and texture. There was a long brick wall, painted blue. And I loved it for its rich simplicity.


Here’s a paste-up from Ludo.


Love a happy message on a colourful wall. Anyone know who the lovely person is who put it there?

Every Moment Can Be Joyous

All the trees are bare, branches wispy, naked, revealed. Winter branches along a Winter canal.

B & W Canal

Natas’ monster seems at home in the mossy trees along the brick wall.


I found a fishie with interesting innards.


And a view of Canary Wharf I hadn’t seen before. I like the contrasts of this scene, the scrubby foreground and the shiny background the graffiti and the bankers, the liquid and the steel.

Canary Wharf

Everyone walking by in hats and scarves, waiting for the seasons to change.


This made me think of the M&M shop in Piccadilly which I haven’t been inside of yet. (How you you possibly devote so much space to M&Ms and why are people so interested?)

M & M

A canal monster’s tail near Mile End Park.

Choices, choices…

And another houseboat full of summer breezy dreams.

These guys were also hanging out near Mile End Park.

And their horse. Of course.

Eventually I made it to the end of my journey, very ready for that cup of tea.

This is Limehouse Basin.

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